Barragan Luisenbarn is the second Espada in Aizen's army of arrancar, and the former king of Hueco Mundo.


Barragan has white hair, a matching mustache, and very many wrinkles. He also has a large scar stretching from his forehed to his left cheekbone, and another one from his lip to the right side of his chin.

Barragan's outfit consists of the traditional arrancar's uniform, with an added sash around the collar. His mask remnants form the shape of a crown, symbolizing his former reign over Hueco Mundo.


Barragan is a lethargic and arrogant despot. He sees no reason to seek power or conquer territory because of his belief that he is the most supreme being in existence. This led him to regularly splitting his army in half to watch them kill each other, back when he was still in control. He despises not being the most exhaulted being in Hueco Mundo. He regards others as "insects" who are afraid of death, which he considers himself to be above, due to his powers.