This is the template for how to catalogue a characters' techniques & combat abilities, unless someone comes up with something better. Note that this is separate from a special power, for instance, a Zanpakuto. Also, probably the most important note, this is not the same as the stat system created by Tite Kubo. It is only based off of that. So don't put "60" under strength in Yamamoto's article, because the categories do not necessarily correspond.

Offense: The character's offensive abilities. Without going into too much detail relevant to the other categories or sections, this describes how much raw damage they can do.

Defense: The character's defensive abilities should go here. Of note are their durability, stamina, and defensive techniques.

Mobility: The character's speed and agility should be described here. Techniques such as Sonido and Shunpo should be described in a bullet connected to this. Be sure to explain if they have the technique and how adept they are at using it. IE, if the character has special techniques or can use Shunpo frequently, that is important to note.

Reitsu: To list the character's Reitsu. Of note are the amount or intensity and the degree of control the character has. The aptitude the character has with general abilities, such as Kido or Cero should be described in a bullet under this category.

Intelligence: A category to list the analytical tendencies or strategies of the character.

Strength: The category describing the character's physical strength.