FullBring is a power independent of Shinigami and Hollows, possessed by ordinary humans. Generally, FullBring is obtained by a human when his or her mother is attacked by a Hollow while she is pregnant. "Fragments of the Hollow's heart" imprint themselves on the human's soul. However, any other power possessed by humans, such as Quincy powers, are technically considered to be FullBring

An informal, yet highly organized and secretive, group of "FullBringers" exists in Karakura Town named "Xcution." Ginjou Kugo, the current de facto leader of Xcution, approaches Ichigo after he loses his powers and promises to restore them. Their stated motives are that their powers cause them unspecified grief since they are "the opposite of their true selves," and that their powers can only be passed to a human with Shinigami powers--often nicknamed "a receptacle" by fans.

According to Ginjo, the organization was started by another FullBringer, Tsukishima, who killed the "receptacle" and the FullBringers who had already passed their powers to him, for unknown reasons. He resurfaced when Ginjo began training Ichigo in FullBring, antagonizing the ex-Soul Reaper for unknown reasons.

However, this was all an elaborate ruse. Tsukishima and Ginjo were working together from the very beginning. Ginjo had Tsukishima use his Book of the End on the rest of the FullBringers, creating a fabricated history of Xcution. In reality, Ginjo was the "receptacle," he started Xcution, and his goal was revenge on the Soul Society for an unknown betrayl. He gathered the other FullBringers to work for him, as they all felt like abused social outcasts for one reason or another.