Neliel tu Odelschwank (Sometimes romanized as Neliel tu Odersvank), a.k.a. "Nel," is the former third Espada in Aizen's army.


While in her adult form, Neliel had long, sea-green hair and a maroon tattoo across her face. In her child form, he hair is much shorter, and she has a scar stretching from her forehead to her nose.

Neliel's uniform was quite normal; a high-necked white shirt and pants with a black stripe. While a child, Neliel wore a long, green dress which stretched into a short skirt and shirt when she returned to her original form, just barely allowing the tattoo on her back to remain visible. Her mask, which is cracked while she is in her child form, is a ram's skull, which is perched on top of her head. The whereabouts of her hollow hole are unknown.