Nemu Kurotsuchi is the Shinigami Lieutenant of the Twelfth Division under Mayuri Kurotsuchi, who is also her father. In actuality, Mayuri created her in his lab, from his own soul.


Nemu has purple-black hair which she keeps in a bowl cut and a long braid, with to long strands hanging down in front of her ears. She also has purple eyes.

She wears a traditional lieutenant Shinigami uniform, but with the bottom modified into more of a short-skirt. She also wears a red choker around her neck.


Nemu tends to hang back, speak softly, and follow every order Mayuri gives her. When he's not around, she's revealed to be a bit more sympathetic than him. She is concerned about Mayuri's health, despite the way he treats her, and offers an antidote to his would-be assassin, even though he confessed that he didn't spare her Captain intentionally.