Szayel Aporro Grantz (Sometimes romanized as Szayelaporro or Szayel Aporro Granz) is the eighth Espada in Aizen's army, and the younger brother of Yylfordt Grantz, although how Hollow siblings work is unexplained..


Szayel has wavy pink hair reaching down to his shoulders and amber eyes.

His hollow mask takes the form of a pair of glasses that he wears, and the locations of both his hollow hole and Espada tattoo are unknown. His uniform consists of a simple shirt, gloves, and pants.


Aside from Aizen himself, Szayel was the most prolific scientist in Hueco Mundo. His inventions and knowledge included edible Fraccion that healed his injuries, a room that could dampen spiritual powers and seal bankais, the ability to analyze and disrupt the composition of attacks, and, as stated in the Unforgivens chapter, he can "uninstall the pain of torture."

Combat SkillsEdit

Offense: Even without the aid of his inventions, Szayel was able to swiftly defeat Uryu Ishida and Renji Abarai.

Defense: A very defensive fighter, Szayel prefers to stay just out of an attacker's range, backed up with his numerous inventions. Even should an attack reach him, he is capable of analyzing the Reitsu pattern and minimizing the damage. His main method of attack is usually to use an ability that allows him to attack an oponent while maintaining his distance.

Mobility: Szayel did not employee a great deal of agility in any of his fights.

  • Sonido: In the Unforgivens, Szayel was shown to be capable of Sonido.

Reitsu: Szayel's Reitsu is enough to brand him the 8th Espada.

  • Cero: In the Unforgivens, Szayel is shown to be able to fire a Gran Rey Cero, which produces an explosion that levels a mountain.

Intelligence: Szayel is one of the most highly intelligent Arrancar. He recognized Pessche and Dondochakka even though their forms had changed, measured the range of attacks in battle, and had a number of back-up plans, should an attack succeed in wounding him.

Strength: Although not noted for his physical strength, in the Unforgivens, he is capable of blowing the cap off of a mountain with the wake of his swod.