• Neo Bahamut

    The section I probably frequent the most on any given page on the Bleach Wiki was the "powers & abilities." You can understand why. It's always fun to read about how your favorite characters kick ass, complete with citations. So, naturally, this is one of my biggest concerns to implement. But I don't think anyone wants to use the Bleach Wiki's system, for 3 good reasons (not necessarily in order of priority) :

    1. Those guys are wankers.

    2. That would be plagiarism.

    3. If you peruse the sections, you'll begin to notice that they actually kinda suck, & that's not just me being butthurt. To prove it, here's a synopsis of what I've found, & how I think we can start to solve these problems:

    Powers & Abilities:

    Note: Should be called something else.…

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