The section I probably frequent the most on any given page on the Bleach Wiki was the "powers & abilities." You can understand why. It's always fun to read about how your favorite characters kick ass, complete with citations. So, naturally, this is one of my biggest concerns to implement. But I don't think anyone wants to use the Bleach Wiki's system, for 3 good reasons (not necessarily in order of priority) :

1. Those guys are wankers.

2. That would be plagiarism.

3. If you peruse the sections, you'll begin to notice that they actually kinda suck, & that's not just me being butthurt. To prove it, here's a synopsis of what I've found, & how I think we can start to solve these problems:

Powers & Abilities:

Note: Should be called something else. The Bleach Wiki lists a lot of things that look stupid under this heading, such as “expert strategist.” That is not a power & is only vaguely an ability.

Spiritual Power: The reason the Bleach Wiki’s definitions look so ridiculous is because they mix control with amount. Vast, for instance, is large quantity but limited control, while immense is large quantity but fine control. We should keep that separate. Possibly list, for example Aizen, as “Immense spiritual energy, acute control.”

Swordsmanship: Once again, a testament to the Bleach Wiki’s poor organization. There are 3 levels with only arbitrary differences. Mostly, it’s based on rank with a few exceptions, which is rather silly. Hisagi, an expert weapons specialist, really should not be considered inferior to Kenpachi in this category just because he lacks a white sash. Kenpachi is undoubtedly a skilled swordsman, but he is not established to know more than basic Kendo. In fact, the argument that he must have a certain proficiency to be a Captain does not hold water, because he did not take a Proficiency Test to gain his position.

Shunpo: Surprisingly, this category actually makes a lot of sense. The Bleach Wiki separates it into 4 categories. Basically, the categories are as follows: Those who can use techniques, those who can use it near-constantly, those who use it every now & again, & those who don’t have it.

Kido: They do not explain their categories. I propose something based on these criteria: Those who can use super-90 Kido, those who can weave together several Kido & manipulate them with techniques, those who can use it, & those who can not.

Other categories are basically made up on the spot. Or at least there is no article detailing the system. I suggest avoiding that. Other categories that I can think of:

Intellect, stamina, strength, mobility.

It should be obvious that I haven't completely mapped out a system yet. That would be rather foolhardy. I want to hear if anyone else has any suggestions regarding how this information should be organized first.